List of Little Raccoon Bai General Li Li's life disk effect.

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Many players in the small raccoon Bai will not know how the role of the character Li Shishi is the effect of the role of the character Li Shishi. Let me bring you a list of \"Little Raccoon Bai General Biography\".Let's take a look together.

\"Little Raccoon Bai General Biography\" Li Shishi's life disk effect

Li Shishi's master star 3 star-Qinyin resonance:

Qing Ge Man Dance] The effect of damage and exemption and attack power of the informed sound will also be added to themselves.

The master of Li Shishi 7 Star-Zhiyin difficult to find:

Li Shishi's own anger obtained efficiency and treatment efficiency of 30%.When Li Shishi releases ordinary attacks and small skills, he will add an additional 30 points of anger to himself.When releaseing [Qing Ge Man Dance], it will make himself and consciousness in a dominant state for 5 seconds.

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