Math, where is your attraction and vitality?

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Image thinking dominates, emotionally impulsive, easy exposed, susceptible to infection is the characteristics of pre-school children, their emotional changes are directly and quickly, in the learning process, the same. A good child study software, first of all, there is a good study content, this content is not only designed to design science, but also to understand clearly, follow the eyes of the children, this grabbing from pictures, sounds, videos Multi-faceted, once again, there must be long-lasting motivation to participate in learning mechanisms, today we have evaluated this software in the three aspects:

[123 ] First, the content is single, the exquisiteness is not enough

The image of the child's image is strong, the abstract thinking is weak, then the thinking of young children takes the real thing, and the imagination is weak. The resources in the software, the amount of information contained in the information is too single, especially the content present in the same situation is an item. This is a kind of thing, which reduces the difficulty of learning, and the learning of knowledge will be deepened, but the lack of context, extreme It is easy to create a cognitive film, which is very disadvantageous for follow-up of young children. Combining the learning content provided by the entire software, the number of people has a proportion of the number, and for some rules of exploration, classification statistics, the important knowledge of thinking, the content involving too little, which is very easy to cause the incomplete child knowledge system. . During the exercise, if the child has an error, the software only prompts not explaining, for the comprehensive judgment, memory, self-reflection ability, there is a mistake, there is a mistake, the next time I encountered the error, this treatment The way is easy to cause the siphicity of children's thinking.

Second, the animation is simple, the fun is not enough

Pre-school childhood emotions exposed, interest is fast, even more interested in content, such as It is not possible to provide a long-lasting mechanism. In addition to the animation of the beginning and the replacement part, the picture is relatively cool, the picture in the actual teaching content, the animation color is biased, which can protect the vision of the child, but lack of comparative changes to attract young children to pay attention to weak, At the same time, the video content in the software is also relatively single. It is not even a good video. Only the resources ratio \"antenna baby\" is still not as good, the fun is not high. As a mathematical knowledge learning software, the software is full of repetitive exercises, the same changes in these exercises, less change, this kind of mechanical repetition will make children's interests rapidly, and the software will also be bundled.

Third, lack of rewards, insufficient incentives

The emotions of young children are prone to infection, which determines the motivation of children's knowledge. It is not strong, and the passion of participating in the study is largely deserved to deal with the encouragement of parents, the implementation of the reward measures in the software. For a software, voice, animated incentives are visible, easy to understand, more loved by children. softwareAlthough the model is set, the evaluation after the shackles is not cool enough, lack of shock, and students continue to pass the passion; in the process of learning, the software failed to encourage language when students mistaken, the children are correct, nor There is \"you are awesome\" \"You do it!\" \"You are too smart\" this clear forward incentive, long here, the enthusiasm of student learning can only depend on the encouragement of parents, and the software can be ready. Alternate victim.

Specific to the details, there are some problems in the software:

1, the handwritten of the number 1 is similar to the placed pencil, but the plastic red in the software adds one to the left. Small, this is certainly the requirements of the print body, but in the actual teaching, this is a wrong teaching, which is unfavorable to the future.

2, software plan is very strong, but what is the plan, no prompt level, no clear teaching plan, tell the truth, if I am a parent It can only be used in this way, it is really not practical.

3, the software is free, the charge is not low, 96 yuan in 12 hours, seems to be cheap, but in dozens of lessons, compare other similarities Software, a total of more than a total of more than 10,000 yuan, is still relatively high.

4, the software will set a variety of functions, many buttons in the interface are more concealed, and young children are easier to operate during use.

The teaching of classrooms is soothing, causing, and learning software is like a teacher. If there is no such teaching art, the content is not reasonable enough, then Where is its attraction and vitality?

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