Today's headline is not effective, may not be your own problem

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Today's headlines did not put in effect \u0026 nbsp; may not be your own question

around June 7 this year, before the run flow good headlines today, all of a sudden there is no amount of . Precisely speaking, there should be traffic, but there will be no sudden transformed.

specific phenomenon is this:

Friends of the company is put on stream ad headlines today, after click, enter your landing page, and is a single-page promotion. Before problems arise, transforming traffic day is probably about 30, after a problem occurs, the conversion flow directly down to three, then turned into 0. Yes, you read that right, into a 0.

everyone is scared, and we think that it must be caused by the electricity supplier 6.18 big promotion - even though there is no basis. After so we continue to keep running, do some creative optimization, hoping to 6.18, all the better able to slowly come back. But it is disappointing that it has not improved since then it flows through.

in the end what is the problem?

orientation of a problem? - Full Netcom vote. Useless!

Creative problem? - five ideas back and forth to try. Useless!

bad landing page? - a few more, and AB testing. Useless!

were able to spend, useless!

in the end what's the problem?

still using our old analysis - \"broken down\" closer look. Almost all problems can be solved using this method. Of course, the case of single-page promotion, do not use the GA.

First of all, we compare the time of normal time and the abnormal flow of time distribution.

For example, 13 July, typical day. I contain conducted \"toutiao\" screening in accordance with the landing page URL. All the headlines this friend would put the company's traffic to the landing page URL which contains \"toutiao\" in.

The following can be seen in FIG opening point after the full-size FIG.


you can see that the data is still very strange. For example, in the middle of the night when traffic consumption, then suddenly consume up at night. Also, the end of the flow basically Andrews, iOS pitiful.

However serving side, and do not define the time, nor do the orientation of the device.

July 14, the same strange. We all see, I do not ticked.


In short, a lot of midnight traffic. Devices are Android. The normal time period traffic is not zero, but very few.

this case, some students say it may be because the competition is too fierce during the day, the bid is not enough, there is no way to showAt night, everyone did not vote, so my friend's advertisement has a chance to show.

This explanation may be as a reason, but it is really unable to believe. So, there is anything else to happen, for example, click on the hot map. This reason seems to be completely standing after seeing a hot map.

图:很抱歉我不得不把很多信息模糊掉。 Figure: I am sorry that I have to blurred a lot of information.

All click is concentrated in two or three places where it is. The main surprising is not the position of these three points, but why is there so much click?

Take a look at the previous clicks and abnormal distribution comparison (choose a day comparison one day, so click on the picture, the above is not exactly the same), or click to look large picture. Although there are some strange places that click Distribution, it is still too much.

So, everyone is very helpless, so it is determined that pure orientation to iOS and fixed normal time, try again.

所以,大家很无可奈何,于是决定纯定向到iOS和固定正常时间,再试试。 Just in writing the article, I also read the traffic today. I went to work this morning, according to my suggestion, the traffic is directed to iOS, and completely discarding the amount of Android. So how is it today.

shit! The flow of half of the night appeared again.

However, the above figure seems to have more traffic. So, these half-night traffic is Android or iOS? - Unfortunately, the two of the following points below show that the flow of sudden increase in the middle of the night is Android traffic.


Now, I feel vague, today's headline suddenly \"broken grain\", it is likely that it is not your problem. As for any problem, please look at the officials.

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