This \"fake\" social app, specializes in mobile phone obsessive disorder

Time: 2022-01-12 05:49:37 Source: ApkHome Chief Editor: ApkHome

When waiting for the bus, take the subway, when you queue, any trivial time can take a slide phone, but can you see so much? Often brushing a friend circle and look at it, although I know this, I can't help but want to slip, I will always be more than standing.


Most mobile phone users do not want to watch specific content, just want to use this movement of the mobile phone to send time, now there is an app \"binky\", Meet everyone's habit of watching your phone.

20170904091444_2345.png Designer Dan Kurtz (Kutz) is inspired from its own life experience, and it is time to slide Facebook and twitter when waiting for the train. He explained that he did not want to invest. Anything, just feel that he should look at the phone.

Let him get inspiration to design this app, like the general social app ideas, can tap screen to praise, slide the page to browse a lot of interesting, there is not much comment meaning, so you don't have to spend too much heart Thinking, it can be said that it is a * there is no pressure.

However, the * big difference is that the content is all fake! You won't see an frustrated or angry article, or see someone to share those photos that seem to be better than yourself, here offers simple words and photos, you can leave a message, mark, press your mood symbol, just They will eventually disappear, simply satisfy the habits of brush mobile phones, and have the effect of soothing the pressure. 20170904091509_3520.png

These irrelevant movements can temporarily transfer their attention, more of the \"busy\", and if they are idle, they don't have to look at it, I feel that I am like the margin in this city.

Maybe we don't really have mobile phone obsessive disorder, but time is worked, family, friends are too trivial, this small paragraph is quiet, just want Surparation, don't want to know what you are watching, all from your emotions, you like to say to the right slip, give a dynamic \"bink\", indicating that you like to explode in the picture. Star.

I doubt whether I have a small partner of my mobile phone, I can also download test, maybe I will find that I am just tired, but I want to find something, I can find my mobile compulsory disorder. I can't afford it! 20170904091530_3778.png

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