Wheat field English, learn English in terms of situation

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Children in three or six years old learning English mainly focuses on interested, only learning methods and learning resources suitable for their ages and learning resources to attract their attention, let them focus on English learning. Only for English is interested in English, children can learn English well, lay the foundation for future learning.

Wheat field English uses games, telling stories, and scenarios, so that children are in a particular situation to learn English, making learning English is not boring, but full of fun, I don't know I learned some simple English.

Configuration Learning English is software * Big Characteristics
Short and delicate learning content will not cause children to be too long fatigue. Children can get rewards in the elegant environment, rewards, although there is not much, it is an encouragement for the children, and it will prompt the children to learn English more. English-scenic, visualization, strong visual effects, give people a feeling of immersiveness, will soon enter the study state, very concentrated, words, sentences will soon learn.

There are two models of the same name software in an app store to learn English, very dull, and there is no interactive, and the formation of English is a distinct contrast. Maiya English is very vivid image, easy to make children quietly achieve learning goals in the atmosphere of English. Wheat field English model is very similar to the baby bus series software model, put learning content, visualization, make learning methods have new changes, learning efficiency is greatly improved, and people feel that English is no longer a bitter thing, but A happy thing is full.

Experience Insufficient is software * big shortcomings

Different from the baby bus is that the English language does not leave more resources to experience the user, so that users can feel that there are many software. Advantages, there are a lot of rich content. Baby Bus Series Software allows users to experience more, and finally consider whether to use a fee for part of learning resources. Wheat field music and baby bus are doing the opposite, giving people the feeling is focused, it is easy to reject the user, so that the intention of software development is lost.

The advantages and disadvantages of wheat field are very obvious, but his shortcomings are easily enlarged to cover up the advantages of software, thus losing many users. Software should give users more experiences, allowing users to learn more about software, like to use wheat field English.

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