How to upgrade Little Raccoon Bail will be upgraded by the little raccoon Bai will be upgraded

Time: 2022-05-17 17:52:51 Source: ApkHome Chief Editor: ApkHome

Many players in the small raccoon Bai will be unclear, what is the upgrade method of flash cards.Next, I will let Xiaobian bring you the flash card upgrade method of \"Little Raccoon Bai General\". Interested friends, let's take a look, hope to help everyone.

\"Little Raccoon Bai General\" flash card upgrade method

Upgrade method:

1.Card can only be used by pumping cards or diamonds. For the time being, the card cannot be upgraded into a flash card.

2. After obtaining the flash card, you can activate the flash card in the collection to activate the bond to obtain the attribute bonus. The attributes of each flash card increase are different.

3. If the players are not recommended to pursue the flash card, the attributes of the bondage are not many, and there are no luck of the lucky diamonds. There is no flash card.

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