How to get an inventory of another Eden Different Festival

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In another cat mobile game that surpasses time and space in Eden, different sections are necessary materials for the character to transform into AS. This material is as difficult as a dream book. So what are the ways to obtain in different sections? Today, explain the obtaining ways of different sections, and leave the puzzled players to understand it!

Another method of obtaining the alien festival of the Eden

] Method 1: Random out

After the 1.0 main line, the red ticket VH (except for the transmission and disconnection), and the map of two green tickets (modern and ancient times and ancient times ), There is a 0.1%probability when settlement rewards.

Method 2: Rong Peng Company exchange

Each VH copy gets 10 round jade, 120 per week to obtain the upper limit. At the company, you can use 200 round jade to buy a different section, which is equivalent to changing five books in more than 2 months. Note that each other can only be exchanged for two, and it will not be replenished after changing.

Method 3: Magic Realm

When the poet can choose a different section, the poet's probability in the dungeon appears, and it must appear in the finals. The box in the middle of the three treasure chests in the dungeon can open a different section, and the white ticket system is only available when it was updated.

In short, the method of obtaining different sections is the above three types, each of which is difficult to get.

The above is the explanation of another way to acquire another Eden, hoping to help you collect enough different worlds.

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