What is the introduction of tomorrow's Ark Fun Egg Mechanism?

Time: 2022-05-17 17:52:43 Source: ApkHome Chief Editor: ApkHome

What is the Aquidity Egg mechanism for Tomorrow?This Qunfu is a new mechanism in the recent crisis contract. Many players do not understand what this thing is useful, and what the specific mechanism is. Next, I will introduce the detailed introduction to the fun egg.

What is the Quick Egg mechanism of Tomorrow's Ark


Blood reduction triggers the talent, the effect of the talent is automatic use skillsEssence

1. Qunan eggs can be silent, silence cannot explode, and can only be dizzy at self -explosion. After dizziness, the fun egg cannot use skills.It is recommended to drag to death or silently solve.

2. Qitu Egg 4 is halved in the weight of 4, and the body does not match the enemy in crisis contracts.Basically, the output cadres that enter the soil have no chance to go up.

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