iPhone 14 or the abolition of bangs using hole punch screen Face ID placed under the screen

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  Recently, well-known technology bloggers predicted Apple iPhone 14, iPhone 14 series of new varieties will include products with a punch screen. And the new iPhone 14 version of that punch screen still retains Face ID, where True Depth related facial unlock sensor components will be concentrated in a smaller punch hole, and may also be done in a way that hides under the screen. In addition to the above speculation, he also released a detailed rendering of the iPhone 14 punch screen.

iPhone 14

  For iPhone 14, according to Apple\\\\\\\'s usual update rhythm to see, the shape of this generation of new machines to change, and to remove the bangs, instead of using a hole punch screen you can accept?

  According to the latest reports from the foreign media, the iPhone 14 series to be launched by Apple this year will use a hole-punch screen design, rather than the continuation of the "bangs". This is the same as what analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted before.

  The so-called perforated screen means that the screen has only one circular cutout for the front camera, just like most Android phones today. This design means that many sensors will be removed, such as the Face ID, which could be moved under the screen.

  Industry sources also say that Apple plans to redesign the MacBook Air with a new chip, the M2, which will be "slightly faster" than the M1 chip. The M2 chip is expected to have an 8-core CPU and a 9- or 10-core GPU, just like the M1 chip, which is an upgrade to the current MacBook Air\\\\\\\'s 7- or 8-core GPU.

  The report also notes that this year Apple will launch a smaller Mac Pro desktop with a 40-core CPU and 128-core GPU, as well as a new Mac mini and a larger iMac. 2022 will see Apple complete its transition from Intel processors to its own chips. Apple first announced its plans in June 2020, saying the transition would take about two years and is now progressing just about right.

  Additional new product surprises are that Apple also plans to release a new iPhone SE with 5G, an iPad Pro with wireless charging support, a rugged Apple Watch, and more in 2022.

  When will iphone14 be available?

  1, iphone14 is expected to be available in September 2022.

  2, iPhone14 series may have the lowest price ever for a large size phone.

  The predicted price is about less than RMB 5814, and the high-end model will also be equipped with a more powerful 48MP wide-angle camera.

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