3D Engine Aero + for Android

3D Engine Aero + for Android

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"3D Engine Aero +" provides information and visualization on airplane's engine 3d models. A 3D interactive model helps to visualize the airplane engines and its mechanisms. Models can be rotated, enlarged and a particular part of the system can also be focused.


1. Enable/disable 3D parts to see the parts which exactly you want to view.

2. Information of each 3D engine parts and other mechanism. The Information is categorized under the following:

a) Introduction of the part

b) Construction of the part

c) Working of the part

d) Material and Dimensions of the part

e) Types of part

f) Other Applications of the part

g) Extra Information related to the part

3. Parts included in the 3D Aeroplane (Airbus a380) Model are as follows:

a) Aileron

b) Cockpit

c) Elevator

d) Fan (Engine)

e) Fuselage

f) Horizontal Stabilizer

g) Landing Gear

h) Rudder

i) Slats

j) Spoilers

k) Turbofan engine

l) Vertical Stabilizer

m) Wings

4. Parts included in the 3D Radial Engine Model are as follows:

a) Cam Disc

b) Crankshaft

c) Pressure Sleeve

d) Propellor Blade

e) Bushings

f) Plunger/Rod

g) Ball Bearings

h) Rollers

i) Springs

j) Valves

k) Rocker Arm Assembly

l) Gear System

m) Exhaust Manifold

n) Piston Cylinder Assembly

o) Discs

p) Ring Covers

q) Intake Manifold

r) Cylindrical Cover

s) Crankcase

5. Parts included in the 3D Gas Turbine Model are as follows:

a) Combustion Lining

b) Fuel Injectors

c) Casing/Covering

d) High/Low Pressure Compressor

e) High/Low Pressure Turbine

f) Fan

g) Shafts

h) Ball Bearings

i) Nozzle (Exhaust)

j) Cover Rings

6. Rotation and Scale Sensitivity of the 3d model can be controlled.

7. Other Mixed settings like illumination intensity, highlight color can also be altered as per the use.

Usage and Navigation:

1. Rotate the scene by dragging your fingers over the model.

2. Zoom the model in and out by pinching with your fingers.

3. Select the focus mode, and focus on a particular part in a mechanism.

4. Toggle check/uncheck the part options to enable/disable them.

5. Reset the camera to get the initial view of the model.

Note: Currently, the app is in English language only

The App Development Team is working on the simulation (animation) of these mechanisms and will be available sooner.

This is a must have app for engineering students and high school students who are interested in learning about how engines in airplane works.