Tide Tables and Tidal Charts - eTide HDF for Android

Tide Tables and Tidal Charts - eTide HDF for Android

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eTide HDF is a beautiful tide prediction app that helps you know up-to-the-minute facts about the predicted tide height in the United States, Canada, Atlantic, Pacific coasts and all over the world. Get high and low tide times, tide charts, tide tables for over 17000 of ports, harbors and coastal locations.

eTide HDF displays high and low tides, sunrise and sunset time, moonrise and moonset time in table and graph form.

eTide HDF allows you to watch the tides directly on the map, in a pop-up window, in a full-screen table and on widgets.

The graph can be stretched and squeezed by gestures. Swipe left and right to get tide predictions with up to the minute accuracy for the next few days

If you bring the sight to the station on the map, a tooltip will appear with the time of the next tide and the current water level.

If you click on a station on the map, a pop-up window will appear with tide table and graph.

Widgets show tides in a table. The widget size can be changed in any range: from 1x1 to 5x5.


-High and Low tide times for the next few months

-Sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset times

-Solunar charts

-Current water level

-Up to minute predictions

-Supports over 17000 stations in all regions

Knowledge of tides is an important element of boating safety. Tidal information is essential for navigating a shallow waterway or placing your boat at anchor. The success or failure of a voyage can depend on the height or depth of a tide, while knowledge of current information can save fuel and make passage into a river or channel safer.

The app automatically accounts for correction factors and provides instant information without requesting that you account for time lags, daylight savings conventions, or height differences between the reference stations and the locations you are seeking.

Since the tidal information that is published in this app is not subjected to the use of the voyage, please do not use for navigation.