Modern Car Transporter Plane for Android

Modern Car Transporter Plane for Android

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Are you looking for something new and exciting in the market? Modern Car Transporter Plane is a new thrill where you can cargo racing cars in an areophane. You would be very much familiar with transportation of different things via grand trucks and etc. But, cargo vehicles in a plane is really something new and exciting. In this 3d simulation game you will find a chance to drive and park many sports cars in a big container. After this, you have to take this trailer truck towards the airport. Driving a big truck like this is itself a challenging task.

After loading modern sports cars into the plane, you have to fly in the air. In this way you can imagine and enjoy flying cars concept. Flying the plane like a pilot will give you unforgettable experience. This will not be an easy task to do. Your driving skills on roads in a city environment will really be tested there when you have to land this airplane in an island. This cargo plane flight will remember in your memories for long times.

Flying in the air has always been a fascinating thing for everyone. Our transporter plane will fulfill your this dream in a real 3D airport environment. Landing in an island will also be a worthy thing to recall. This enjoyment will be manifold when you will enjoy a ride of a sports car as well. Play with modern car transporter plane 3D simulator and forget other cargo plane games having standard transporter plane 3D as a professional airplane pilot. In Cargo Plane Car Transporter you will be given with some wonderful cars to load and park in cargo compartment of cargo freight plane. Take off the city airport flight carrying cars in your big airplane and navigate the landings properly.

This is not only a delivery but a safe delivery of expensive cars is mandatory. The safety and security of the cars is upon you now. Fly over the blue water and travel to different countries to transport cargo through your airplane. Cargo transportation is for relief or some other cause you have taken up the duty of international cargo transport. Fly high and reach destinations safely. Ensure the safety of your cargo. It requires perfect flight pilot skills to take off and lot of precision for accurate landing.

***Features of modern car transporter plane***

- The Realistic 3D cargo airplane flight simulator.

- Real-time Plane Controls and Handling

- Transport Different Vehicles on your Cargo Plane

- Real Experience of Driving sports cars

- Real-time Physics Controls of Driving Heavy Vehicles

- Different camera angles that give you more control

- A Complete Transportation Game to play

- Thrill of Flying Plane