Open Restaurant - Start your own Restaurant for Android

Open Restaurant - Start your own Restaurant for Android

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Now a days everyone wants to check out different restaurants nearby to their place. For this purpose, we had made a very conformist application for the user to get all the nearby restaurants and check their available items they have. This restaurant app mainly helps you to give you all the information including the contact info and all the food the selected restaurant is offering.

How to Use?

You need to choose a sign up for your restaurant or select customer tab to do a user-based sign up.

Restaurant registration: You need to fil out all the sign-up form by inserting your restaurant name, location of restaurant, email address, country, opening and closing times of your restaurant.

Customer Registration: For an individual person sign up you just need to give your basic info like name, email address, phone number. You can also do it with google sign in process.

Now Restaurant can display all items they have in there. These items may include Pizza, chicken burgers, rice, Hot dogs, Ice cream and many more deserts.

For customer the main thing this application do is it will show you all the items and will display the prices as well.

Placing an Order:

Now you can select any restaurant select an item or items and select the quantity and place an order.

For example, you want to have a pizza now firstly select a restaurant after that you have to go for the quantity.

Place the order if the restaurant have those items then they will accept your request and will give you the time to collect it from them.

Reminder: You have to pick up the order by yourself from the targeted restaurant you have selected.

After the collection of order, you will be given a receipt and your order will be shown in your history data.

Using this application will help you to know about the items you want to eat just by remotely means. All the orders can be seen in the orders tab easily. Restaurants can take advantage by many ways by having a promotion of there restaurants by following and registering them selves in the application. They can get more sales and visitors to there place. Customer can get food items easily at any time remotely and can pick up their food items from the restaurant once their order is ready. Suppose You want to have some deserts in your lunch or dinner this application may help you regarding this as it can give you many items to choose and can give you the comfort to pick up your favorite items and select them to eat.