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Free app provided by Strt bs. (the public transport authority for the Greater Reykjavk area) for Icelandic public transport including a journey planner, realtime and travel information and mobile payment.

The traveller can both plan his journey, pay for his trip (within the Greater Reykjavk area), view stop information and get real time updates on his journey.

The Strt app provides comprehensive information to help plan your journey in the capital area and many other areas in Iceland. The other areas included are:

The whole south coast, from Reykjavk to Hfn Hornafiri including Hverageri, Selfoss, Hvolsvllur, Landeyjar (Ferry to Vestmannaeyjar), Skgar, Vk and Jkulsrln.

Western and northern part of Iceland, including Akranes, Borgarnes, Stykkishlmur (Ferry Baldur), Bardalur, Hlmavk, Bifrst, Hvammstangi, Blndus, Sauakrkur and Akureyri.

City buses for the city of Akureyri

The app features:

Mobile ticketing for single fairs in the Greater Reykjavk area

A journey planner for public transport options, between any two locations in the areas that are included in the list above, featuring all bus transport.

Departure boards showing next scheduled buses at every stop in the areas that are included in the list above. Live bus times are shown in same areas where available.

Buses location in real-time.

News & Notices affecting public transport services.