Lagos Radio Stations for Android

Lagos Radio Stations for Android

Type:Music / Audio Size:166MB Update Time:2022-02-10 07:02:16


let's listen to music, news, discussion and religious radio broadcasts on the Lagos radio stations. This app contains radio stations in Lagos, Nigeria. Through this application you can listen to broadcast Lagos radio station wherever you are.

How to use this application is very easy. You just install it on your smartphone. After you finish installing just open it and you will see many radio stations. You just choose which radio station you want to listen to. Touch with your finger and wait a few seconds for the buffering to finish.

The radio will keep ringing even if you open another menu on your smartphone. So you can operate your smartphone while listening to the radio. To turn it off, you just push the button "off" (square) in the menu bar of this application. Then press the back button to return to the main menu of your smartphone.


- If there is a radio that does not ring, it may be because the capacity of listeners has out off the quota.

- The radio will automatically stop if there is an incoming call